About Us

Hamonate Group of Companies, an entirely black owned company, was established in 2005 by a group of IT and Financial professionals who have been in industry for a number of years. As a black owned and managed company, one of our key objectives is the advancement of designated groups in the workplace. We have developed Hamonate's Economic Empowerment Philosophy on the following fundamental objectives:

To build an Information Business Solutions Company that reflects the demographics of the country

To ensure the advancement of women in a male-dominated sector

Tobuild capacity by focusing on training and the transfer of skills

Mission and Vision


We believe that each new dawn will bring with it an opportunity to succeed in our quest to be a company that strives for perfection, bearing in mind Winston Churchill's thought that the future of any business lies with its individual values.

In that regard, Hamonate comprises of the following values:

     Earning customers’ loyalty, suppliers’ commitment, and competitors’ respect in the industry

     Being at the forefront of customer focus, innovation, technology, and quality by dynamically adjusting to shifting customers’ expectations

     Controlling our own destiny within our business offerings

Hamonate Business Solutions aims to provide a holistic, complete, accurate, timely, reputable, and professional solution to clients in the entire region of SADC, starting with South Africa.


At Hamonate, our vision is to deliver business solutions and services that are always responsive to our client’s needs, represent “real” value for money, and are delivered to the highest professional standard, resulting in a sustainable advantage for our client's future growth.

Our fundamental objective is to build an Information Business Solutions Company that reflects the country's demographics and to build capacity by putting a strong emphasis on training and the transfer of skills.

We leverage the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver a wide range of services and products. We envision a future where we help organizations of all sizes to achieve their goals by providing innovative, efficient, and effective solutions. Driven by the desire to make a positive impact on the world by empowering businesses to succeed and grow.