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Hamonate Consulting, part of the Hamonate Group of Companies, is a 100% black owned company and was established in 2005 by a group of IT and Financial professionals who have been in industry for a number of years. As a black-owned and managed company, one of our key objectives is the advancement of designated groups in the workplace.

We have developed Hamonates Economic Empowerment Philosophy on the following fundamental objectives:
With a solid business foundation to help shape its future, the company has maintained its status as a respected corporate citizen and is perceived as such by the business community.


We can help bring your brand and company to life on the world wide web.

If you need a website or a web application we have the power to build you a custom built content managed solution. One that is aligned with your organisations needs.
We will build and help maintain your companies online presence. We can help track success and monitor your website health using the latest analytics tools available.

Business Consulting using the SAP and Microsoft software suite of products

Implementation, development, maintenance/ support and education service offerings to support these solutions.
Hamonate Consulting offers a comprehensive response to business ICT and SAP system solution issues and requests.

Software solution upgrades, Support, Training/ Education, Business Consulting and the ongoing maintenance of operational systems.

Hamonate Consulting is well experienced in the ERP and Microsoft arena and applies best business practices and business models in its solution offerings, customised to meet customer needs.
Hamonate Consulting has various partnerships with strategic SAP and Microsoft partners to ensure success.

Implementation of IT in any organisation is a strategic investment.

Experience has proven that you cannot implement and support a world-class ERP system without first investigating business strategy for ROI from the business and process enabling technologies.
A significant number of the Hamonate Consulting consultants have the strong SAP business consulting skills which are required to achieve this.
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